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Hello! My name is Giancarlo Quacquarelli, I am Italian from the Apulia region and CEO of Moda y Visión Italiana SA de CV and this is the history of our company:

TO At the end of 2015, after several informal meetings discussing business opportunities in Mexico for foreign entrepreneurs and after an intense exchange of ideas, Federico and I met on the most glamorous avenue in Mexico City, in front of the statue of the President Mazaryk, founder of the then Czechoslovakia and esteemed defender of human rights.

FIt was in this somewhat accidental circumstance that one Wednesday the idea of creating a company with Italian foundations, Mexican heart and International inspiration, accompanied by the passion of good dress and la dolce vita.

Federico came from the world of catwalks since in the mid-90s, he began his modeling career, coming to work at that time to Moschino, Trussardi, Corneliani, Etro and Versace among others, and It was at that time that his great sensitivity for design, photography and figurative art, theater and living objects matured.

POn the other hand, I was coming from a somewhat boring path. In the early 2000s, I was working in Milan for an investment bank. So I started! Then, drawn to the love towards Mexico and business opportunities, I first became a testimonial for Italian furniture lines and finally, in 2012 I was director of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Mexico, dedicating all my energy to public relations and the attraction of trade and direct investment to Mexico.

ANDFinally, Federico and I are very different. 

ANDl creative, me numerical. He with his head in the clouds, I attentive to where he stepped, it seemed to us that by putting the differences together, we would make a good dumbbell.

ANDWe bequeathed the name Italian Fashion and Vision to our company to summarize our intentions and leave them printed even in the articles of incorporation. We wanted to bring European "a pinch of salt" to Mexico, dosing it according to the Italian recipe book: better little and good, than a lot and bad taste!

TOBefore looking for products, we look for people with ideas and values similar to ours. We were lucky and found many. 

ANDn the particular we discover great affinity with artisans who mastered ancient techniques, prioritizing their creativity and hedonism.

DWe also discover that your genuine passion in the end it brought good business and it was there that we began to select  independent producers, freed from the slavery of marketing, encountering great surprises.

CLet's start with lenses from the Veneto region, for being Federico de Verona and knowing like no one else that incredible territory and so rich in culture and history. 

ANDwe find unpublished products, fresh designs, exclusive and even cheap, considering the intellectual effort that was behind in the meticulous search for perfection. 

Qperhaps for our own pleasure, we privilege minimalist even though the lines resulted in a classic, nostalgic and a little retro background or on the contrary with a hi-tech profile.

ANDFinally, we landed our proposal betting on a smart, demanding, informed consumer, travel lover, curious and tired of stereotypes of trademarks.

We brought to Mexico an innovative and accessible luxury proposal!

Giancarlo Quacquarelli
CEO - Italian Fashion and Vision

IES is a project of FASHION and VISION ITALIAN

ANDwe leave exclusive things for our clients, never banal and, above all:

We do not accept quality compromises!

SWe choose our suppliers carefully, prioritizing the ethics professional and in the care of environment before any other skill.