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About the brand

Sun's Good beginnings are rooted in Italy with the Sordelli family firm, which started producing and processing plastic materials over one hundred years ago. In 1947 Sordelli SpA became a leader in the plastic handmade and semi-manufactures articles sector. 

In 1972 Franco Sordelli opened new horizons, specializing in the manufacturing and sales of Optical Frames and Sunglasses, having acquired a solid position in the global market over the years with brands Sordelli Franco s.r.l manages and produces like Touch and Snob Milano.

Sun's Good is one of the most recent brands of Franco Sordelli's enterprise. Not wanting to be locked into one category, designers use the outdoors and active lifestyle as their main muse while also being inspired by current fashion trends. As a result, each style is designed to be lightweight, comfortable, and functional to protect you from the sun and wind whether you are relaxing on the beach, skiing, or mountain biking. That is the Sun's Good twist, making sunglasses colorful, trendy, and fun for people who love sports and fashion.



The Summer 2021 Collection


For Sun’s Good latest collection, intense colors from the summer sunsets on the beach are at the center stage, letting us savor the vacations to come.


Eight stylish sunglass models comprise the Summer 2021 collection, each one with very unique and yet versatile characteristics that mesh the sport and outdoor high vision protection requirements with superb Italian fashion standards and quality. A combination that is sure to be a success in the U.S.A.



Because it matters, Sun’s Good, is a brand that is committed to the environment

 Since sunglasses are produced from start to finish, in their factory based in Varese, Italy. This allows them to be able to implement numerous sustainable strategies throughout the production process. 

 Three years ago, they implemented a major green strategy with the goal of reducing the impact on the environment across multiple areas of the business such as energy consumption, materials, and packaging.

  • They produce about 60% of the total power, via solar panels installed at the factory. 
  • They reuse and regenerate all the plastic material that is rejected, having  zero plastic waste because.
  • One year ago, they changed the way they package each single frame, replacing 350,000 plastic poly bags with compostable eco bags.
  • They are in compliance with EU and CE standards which require the reduction of emissions for the health of their workers.
  • Currently they are testing new paints as well as other materials that would have less impact on the environment and increase sustainability.